Karin Elling-Gardner

During my first Nutrition class while training to be a chef at the Culinary Institute of America, it became clear to me that “eating well” could be delicious, captivating AND nutritious. It can all exist on the same plate! I began to see a potential career in empowering others with the skills and knowledge necessary to make all of that magic happen on a daily basis–It’s officially known as “Lifestyle Medicine”. After I graduated from the CIA in 2000, I began working toward becoming a Registered Dietitian, which happened in 2006. My areas of interest and expertise include:

  • Culinary Nutrigenomics
    • Reducing Inflammation
    • Reducing risk/delaying onset of chronic diseases
  • Adapting recipes to fit dietary restrictions
  • Incorporating foods that help to mitigate the effects of stress, depression and anxiety
  • Culinary Coaching and skill development
  • Menu planning and execution
  • Grocery Store tours
    • Ingredient selection
    • Understanding food labels

My approach when working with individuals is to learn about your culinary and nutrition goals and needs. We will develop a plan together; me guiding you with my knowledge and experience of applied nutrition, and you guiding me with your knowledge and experience of YOU.

Together with my business partner, Joy Aleccia, I offer a variety of group workshops for the general public, custom team building and wellness programs businesses and badge workshops for scout troops. Our overarching mission is to equip our clients with strategies for managing the physiological and spiritual effects of life stress.