Are you feeling overwhelmed and stuck? Looking for ways to grow your potential and find your authenticity? You don’t have to do it alone. I would be honored to help you by creating a warm atmosphere of empathetic understanding that will allow you to feel heard and understood. Together, we will create meaningful goals, identify and develop your strengths, find ways to cope, and develop hope.

I specialize in issues relating to depression, anxiety, relational problems, teen issues, and everyday stresses. You deserve a personalized blend of therapies that work for who you are and where you’re going. No one-size-fits-all techniques here!

Let’s work together to foster your self-understanding to restore your strength, passion, and wellness. We will transform painful and difficult experiences into challenges and opportunities for growth. Your best self is waiting!

The State of Michigan permits a Temporary Limited Licensed Psychologist to practice under the supervision of a Michigan Licensed Psychologist. Contact Chris for detailed information regarding supervision.