felicia and johannaJohanna and Felicia met in 2003 when they began their post-doctoral fellowship at Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) at the University of Michigan.

During this two-year period, Felicia specialized in training, — developing and leading educational programs for CAPS interns and practicum students in Social Work and Psychology, and providing direct supervision. Felicia was invited to attend the Association of Counseling Center Training Agencies (ACCTA) conference as a Diversity Scholar. Johanna specialized in research — becoming a board member for the Center for the Study of Collegiate Mental Health and leading research on the Center’s measure of mental health symptoms.

Both of these passions continue today and are reflected in Arbor Wellness Center. Felicia and Johanna believe in life-long learning and the power of each individual to grow, change and transform their lives. These beliefs are central to the mission of Arbor Wellness Center.

Upon completion of their fellowships in 2005 Johanna and Felicia opened their part-time private practices. Working as a team to find space, develop paperwork and procedures, provide supervision and consultation to each other, and eventually navigate insurance panels, Johanna and Felicia developed thriving clinical practices.

In 2015, when an opportunity to expand their practice space to include yoga and meditation as well as supervision and training of mental health providers, they decided to again take the next step together.

The vision of Arbor Wellness Center is to provide a space of healing and transformation for clients, and support and learning for mental health professionals.

Johanna’s passion for evidence-based approaches for healing from depression, anxiety, eating disorders and trauma led her to become a Registered Yoga Teacher and combine her 20 years of providing psychotherapy to this body-based practice. Arbor Wellness Center has a beautiful space for intimate classes and one-on-one sessions for people wishing to use yoga to heal, transform and improve their wellness.

Felicia’s passion for training is expressed in the space available for mental health providers looking for a place to continue their growth as a professional through supervision and consultation.

Please learn more about the the psychotherapy, yoga and supervision services that Arbor Wellness Center has to offer.