Joy Aleccia

Building on my background in Exercise Physiology and Nutrition, my personal journey led me to the disciplines of Yoga, Reiki and Mindfulness. I realized the power of these components of Lifestyle Medicine and their role in creating and supporting overall wellness when used in a holistic approach. I use a combination of the following skills and certifications to help clients of all ages stock their stress management tool boxes with strategies they can use daily:

  • Master Reiki Practitioner, member of the International Association of Reiki Professionals
  • Certified in Yin Yoga and Trauma Informed Yoga
  • MBSR Certified Mindfulness Leader
  • Level 1 Aura Healing Practitioner

Sessions with individuals vary depending on the specific needs of each client. Generally a first session includes Reiki and Yoga Therapy, resulting in a feeling of renewed balance and rejuvenation. From there, I will guide you toward a set of stress mitigation strategies you can use daily to fulfill your self care needs.

Together with my business partner, Karin Elling-Gardner, I offer a variety of self care workshops for the general public, businesses and Scout Troops. Our overarching goal is to equip people with strategies for managing the physiological and spiritual effects of life stress.