With the help of Seth Kopald, you will take an inner journey and increase your self leadership. You will learn to observe yourself and deepen your understanding of how and why you react to the world. The intent is for you to feel more peace, compassion, and playfulness.

Oftentimes, communication at home, work, or other areas of people’s lives improve as self leadership increases. People become more patient with themselves and others, and often relationships grow. This work is Seth’s way of repairing the world – one person at a time.

Seth became an Internal Family Systems (IFS) practitioner in 2012. He leads individual sessions and groups. Groups topics include: parenting, relationship building, and general self exploration. Seth creates a safe space and guides people to care for themselves in a loving and insightful way. The goal of IFS is Self-Leadership.

To learn more visit sethkopald.com.

You can contact Seth at seth@sethkopald.com or call 734-395-3319