Cassie Garety James

Your story is important. My approach to therapy is grounded in the idea that everyone has a story that includes the keys to unlocking better understanding, greater connection, and personal strengths. I believe therapy provides a special space in which we work together through our professional relationship to help you explore the meaning of your experiences and work through even the most difficult times. I have training and experience working with depression, anxiety, identity exploration, and relationship dynamics. I also work with voice-hearing and other similar experiences- often referred to as altered states, schizophrenia, and psychosis.

I encourage clients to discuss past and recent events in their lives to allow for a full perspective on the challenges they face. Recovery-oriented perspectives are important. Even the most extreme states can be understood as a response to stress or change.

My work is primarily psychodynamically oriented, however, I do incorporate some techniques from other approaches as indicated, such as CBT, and mindfulness. I also conduct co-therapy within the Open Dialogue family therapy for psychosis approach.